Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

Black and Brown - does it work ?

The fashion rulebook was written long ago, but it wasn’t in stone! Forget the rules and make up your own style. The adages of old have long told us to never dare bring these two like-colored shades close to one another, let alone in the same outfit. It’s time you learn how to mix and match black and brown without the fear of the fashion police knocking down your doors. Take these tips and you’ll be stylin’ in no time!
  • If you’re wary of looking mismatched, go for lighter shades of brown; the contrast will appear more deliberate. It’s a slightly more casual take on the monochromatic black and white duo.

  • nclude a tortoiseshell or leopard piece in your look: the black-and-brown spots will tie everything together. Sunglasses or jewelry is an excellent source of tortoiseshell, while you can incorporate leopard print into either accessories or garments to create a naturally matching look.

  • f your goal is to look elegant and professional, make sure that the browns match; if you want an edgier look, try layering different shades and including some two-tone pieces.
  • Make sure to wear at least two brown pieces in an all-black look (for example, brown boots and a brown belt, or a brown purse and a brown cardigan.) One brown piece thrown into an all-black outfit can look like an afterthought.
Have you ever worn an outfit with black and brown together? How did you create a stylish look that was both pulled together and effortlessly chic? Share you thoughts below in the comments – I want to know! xo

Keep styling
( credit: L.R.)

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