Montag, 21. Juli 2014


OK – so you’re thinking seriously about becoming a minimalist. Maybe not from a full-scope life perspective, but for sure when it comes to your personal style. As your career and life evolves, so does your style – and finding yourself leaving your over-accessorizing ways behind to adopt a more simple sensibility is completely normal. Sometimes when life starts to get hectic and stressful (like in our work or relationships), reeling in other aspects, like a morning routine or approach to fashion, can provide a sense of calm and reliability. So why not make your daily style the place to start. Whether you’re thinking in terms of essential earrings that go with everything to must-have trousers that transition seamlessly from day to night, the essentials of a minimalist look can build a stunning closet. Keep reading to learn a little bit about what you can do with the basics and how less is often a whole bunch more.
Dark Rinse Jeans. These are your go-to. Perfect with a pair of flip flops or your highest heels, the ultimate pair of jeans is classic, not trendy. Try a simple boot cut or trouser style to dress them up a bit.

One statement Necklace that can be worn with the perfect simple dress or a simple white tee.

Perfect White T-Shirt. Find the one that goes with everything – from jeans to skirts. Dress it up with  a blazer or keep it casual.

An easy black blazer to go with everything from your LBD to your white tee.

A big leather tote that works day or night.

A favorite pair of sunnies – you know the type – you can’t be without them and they go with absolutely everything.

Have you ever tried scaling back your closet to only the essentials of a minimalist look? xo

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(credit: L.R.)

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