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“Healthy” Foods That Are Actually Bad For You

Ugh. Just when you thought you were doing the right thing, reeling in your unhealthy habits and getting your nutrition plan back on track, you find out this discouraging news: there’s a bunch of “healthy” foods that are actually really bad for you out there. At least when you indulge in a small serving of ice cream or a delicious slice of chocolate cake – you know it’s an indulgence and it’s a must-do special treat every once in a while. But what about those foods you thought were healthy and really they’re packed with nutrition busting calories and ingredients. Take a look at these waistline busters that seem healthy, but in reality may be sabotaging your diet plan. 

1. Pre-made salads. The already prepared salad is a super simple way to fall victim to having more calories than a big mac packed onto a big pile of leafy greens – it can be a real calorie buster. Watch out for salads packed with cheese, crutons, meats and dried fruits (like Cobb, Caesar, Chef’s salads) – often they also like to pack on the dressing. Try asking for the dressing on the side and make selections that include greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts and grilled chicken and turkey. Most restaurants are pretty go-with-the-flow these days when it comes to making heart-healthy substitutions.
2. Multi-grain or wheat bread. As it turns out, even when you think you’re making the right decision by choosing wheat over white, many mass produced brands of wheat bread do not actually give you the benefit of the whole grain. When you’re checking out the ingredients list, watch out for breads that include the terms: unbleached enriched or bleached. Try skipping the calories of bread in general – or cut your normal intake in half, by trying an open-faced sandwich with just one slice instead of two.
3.  Granola. Just the word sounds earthy, crunchy and healthy – doesn’t it? Well, think again. Most store-bought granola packs a calorie punch exceeding 400 calories per serving. Often made with loads of sugar and fat, store-bought granola doesn’t offer much in the way of nutritional value. Opt to skip granola entirely and try a high-fiber, low-sugar cereal instead.
4. Gluten-free products. This is tricky as gluten-free living is all the rage right now, but the products made specifically for those who have a gluten allergy do not mean they’re healthier or low in calories. If you’re choosing to go gluten-free as a diet option, skip out on replacing all your foods with gluten-free products and simply focus on a diet high in leafy greens, fresh fruits and lean proteins. If you must have gluten-free products – be sure to check those labels and carefully read the calorie count. The extra eggs and oil used in these products can really add up.
5. Pre-packaged applesauce. This one is sneaky as it seems like such an innocent and healthy snack – too bad most store-bought applesauce packs on the sugar and high fructose corn syrup in those tiny little snack packs. If apple sauce is your must-have snack, look for unsweetened, try making your own or simply opt for a nice, crisp apple.
Have you recently adjusted your diet for a more balanced and healthy option? 

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