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Fresh spring turned into a hot summer season faster than we could imagine! Breezy and comfortable is what every woman mainly looks for now! But you don’t want to wear a dress everyday, right? And shorts seem way too casual and perhaps not suitable for every occasion? This is why designers brought back this strong feminine and powerful piece of clothing to the catwalks this season – wide leg trousers!
The trend became fashionable in the 1960′s and 1970′s, but originated from the time between The World Wars when women had to work and focused on wearing more comfortable, easier to make and cheaper clothing. This year the trend is making the grand return to the fashion scene. It’s an excellent summer season style. Loose cut and breathable fabric not only gives a breezy feeling, but is also flattering in the sunlight and summer wind! The key elements to look for when choosing this easy and relaxed style are the cut and the fabric that should follow the curves of your body, the mood of the outfit and latest trends from the catwalks.
Here is a simple guide of how to wear versatile and fabulous wide leg trousers with my best styling tips included:

There is no more simple way to look chic and casual at the same time like when wearing simple black and white colors together! Try wide leg trousers that bring out your feminine side and simple top to add the elegant summer touch to your outfit! And finish with shoes and a bag that add the final mood of the look!

Modern Minimalist

With graphic prints, neon colors, simple black, metallic and leather, you can add a bit of a modern touch to this already trendy style! I personally love this look worn by Margaret Zhang! Metallic tiptoe high heels, wide leg pleated trousers, turtle neck crop top, graphic cardigan and neon colored small bag – this is a fabulous outfit!

Inspired By Men’s Fashion

Wide leg trousers originated from the time between World War I and II when men were away at war and women had to take over all the responsibilities at home. This is also the time when Coco Chanel was young and growing as a designer, already influencing with her love for strong and independent woman! Pick out boyfriend tops and chunky watches to create a menswear inspired outfit.
So how will you rock this flowing trend? Tell me your style ideas below and if you’d wear any of these style inspirations? xo
Keep styling
(credit: L.R.)

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