Dienstag, 1. Juli 2014

Interior Design - how to use Wallpaper

Sometimes adding new accents to your home can immediately make it feel fresher and more vibrant. A simple update, like adding new wallpaper in a bold pattern, can make the whole room feel as though it’s been redesigned. I’ve taken some of my favorite design concepts and shared them  below. These are easy changes that can really take the whole room in a new direction. Which one is your favorite?
Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper
1. Behind Existing Shelves – Place bold colors and patterns inside existing wall units to make the area really pop.

2. On Stair Risers – This is an area that’s often forgotten but makes a big impact when highlighted in bright colors and patterns. 

3. As Artwork – Frame panels of your favorite wallpaper to create an interesting series on a wall. Or use the wallpaper to frame canvas tiles and arrange them in a row or square. 

More tips ?? Let me know!! xo

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(credit: L.R. + Pinterest)

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