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Color Combinations for Winter

When it comes to fashion, you can expect the colder days of fall and winter to be laden with dark colors and though all these look chic and sophisticated, it can get a little boring and even gloomy at times. If you’re like me who can’t stand wearing just dark colors all day every day, I’m sure you’re missing the fun and fabulous hues of spring and summer and you’re dying to throw in something really colorful into your look so we’re here with a number of gorgeous color combinations for cold days that’ll add some cheer into your usual everyday fall and winter outfits.
  • GRAY AND YELLOW – gray is a nice fall and winter color when you don’t want to go full on dark with black but still want something a little more muted but sometime this color gets passed off as a lonely color so adding something bright and cheery to it is important if you don’t want to end up with a sad look and what’s a happier color than yellow? Gray and yellow together is a color combo you should definitely not miss trying.

NAVY BLUE AND ORANGE – navy is a wonderful alternative to black if you don’t want to go too dark but without a fun and bright color, it can look drab. Navy blue and orange makes a chic and juicy outfit that’s perfect for everyday. Orange, when paired with blue, is the perfect kind of bright color that won’t be too ‘in-your-face’. What’s even better is that you don’t need to wear the brightest shade of orange with navy blue. Even a darker shade like tangerine would look perfect.

BLACK AND HOT PINK – an all black outfit is flattering but it can be too flat. An all pink outfit is really girly and cute but it might leave you looking like a 6-year-old who went crazy at Forever 21. The combination of both black and hot pink together in one outfit, though, is really chic and sophisticated. If you’re looking for a more grown up and less overwhelming way to wear pink, pairing it with a dark neutral color like black is definitely the best way to go.

BLACK AND WHITE – on the top of our list is the color combination black and white because what could be more sophisticated than these two colors together in one outfit, right? Black and white, though super simple and basic, is one of the most versatile color combos you can wear. It’s great for glitzy and dressy looks but it looks superb with casual and street style outfits as well. If you’re looking for a simple but edgy look, go for black and white.

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