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Boots by Body Type

Cool fall weather signals the start of boot season. Chances are, it’s time to give your footwear a serious reboot. With so many twists on the boot—from ankle boots, booties and flats to over-the-knee, wedge and stiletto—there’s a perfect style (or two, or three) for every body shape. Ready boots? Start walkin’.

Pear Shaped Girls: Wedges & Riding Boots

When your lower half is a bit larger, try looking for boot styles with a slight heel to give you a little a lift and help lengthen those stems. Steer clear of anything thigh-high or over-the-knee because they take up too much real estate. You never want to completely cover up a shapely leg – sometimes that only makes them seem bigger. Instead, flaunt them! When you keep legs bare, it maximizes a slim silhouette. All bootie or wedge styles are fair game, but super clunky, chunky heels are your foe. Pair a fun riding boot with an A-line skirt or wear it with your favorite pair of jeans for a shot of equestrian cool.

For Girls Who Are Top Heavy: Rain Boots & Thigh Highs

Since your legs are one of your best assets, inverted triangle shapes can work a variety of boot trends. Try a great flat boot or a motorcycle style for some attitude. Be ambitious! Maximize your leg length with styles that have vertical seams or laces – they draw long lines which, in turn, make legs appear even longer. The slight quarter-inch heel of a sleek pair of thigh high boots will help to make them look a lot less “Pretty Woman” and more “trendy fashionista.”

For The Hourglass Figured Girls: Booties & Knee-High Boots

When you have enviable curves, a bootie or knee-high style is ideal to show off your shape. Anything thigh-high or over-the-knee may compete with your curves and won’t look sleek and polished. Your figure does a lot of the talking and can give a paper bag a sense of sexiness, so choose simple, classic styles that streamline those killer curves. Anything that tapers to your leg will always flatter the most. Looking  for the perfect bootie to show off your hourglass curves? Choose a super chic pair possibly in of-the-moment oxblood; go for some zipper embellishments on a cute ankle-grazing bootie for a fun look this season. xo

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