Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014


How to wear belts and dresses must be a fashion trick every woman masters. The belt is a classic accessory that you should have multiples of in your closet for every occasion, but in this particular post I want to talk wearing belted dresses. A belted dress can create curves and show off a fabulous hourglass shape… as long as it’s done right. Here are my five tips! xo

  • Make sure your wearing belted dresses that actually belt at your natural waist
  • A belt should give your body definition when wearing a billowy top or shift dress
  • Have fun and belt your layers together, like a t-shirt dress and scarf or dress and cardigan
  • Learn all the different ways to you can tie and tuck a skinny belt – you don’t need to only use the belt holes!
  • If you’re wearing a belt + tight dress, keep the belt snug against your body. If it’s a more voluminous fabric, you can loosen the belt

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