Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014

Valentine - Will You Be Mine

The big V-day is almost here! Have you decided what you’re going to plan for  Valentine´s Day ? Whether your relationship  is brand new or you’ve been together for years, creative date night ideas for Valentine’s Day can make this one to remember. Hitting the town or staying in, make your valentine feel extra special this year with these fun ideas.

Athletic: Hit the climbing gym for a fun, interactive workout

Classic romance: Ice skating. The perfect winter date, hold hands…sneak kisses…

Relaxed and fun: Bowling, pizza and beer! Sometimes the simplest dates are the best dates

Hot and Steamy: A couples massage – you’ll both love this one and feel great too

Cozy and economical: Stay home by the fire and whip up a homemade pasta dinner

I have to admit, I can’t decide which one of these date night ideas for Valentine’s Day sounds the best! 
Which one would you love to plan for your valentine? xo

(credit: L.R. World)

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