Montag, 3. Februar 2014

Guide for Keeping Your Favorite Pieces Clean

For some reason, it’s always this time of year when it seems about time to get all those hard-to-clean special pieces looking their best. From your fave silk blouse to your only pair of leather pants, even your best investment pieces need a good cleaning every now and then. Take a look below for some tips on how to get even your most delicate garments looking great.

Your favorite shoes & boots: Treat all your favorites with a spray on protectant to repel moisture and dirt and treat your best boots with leather conditioner regularly. This will keep them looking great, even during harsh winter conditions.
Leather Clothing: When it comes to cleaning leather, try spot cleaning – but don’t rub with saddle soap or leather conditioner! (you could easily damage the leather) Dry cleaners that specialize in leather are the way to go with these prized items. Just want to give your leather pants a little refresher? Put them inside a plastic bag and throw them in the freezer overnight – they’ll come out fresher than ever. Not kidding!
Silk: always hang it and store in a cool, dry spot. If you’re going the dry-cleaning route seek out a dry cleaner who skips the harsh chemicals and goes green. If you’re cleaning at home, hand wash in cold water, a gentle liquid soap and hang dry.
Cashmere: Keep your fave cashmere looking great by folding and storing in a drawer – hanging it can cause it to end up misshaped. Some cashmere can skip the dry cleaner and can be washed at home on the gentle cycle – just turn it inside out first! Dry on a flat surface.
Got any tips for keeping your most delicate items looking their best? Please share! xo
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