Montag, 24. März 2014

TRENDGUIDE: Bullets4Peace

Bullets 4 Peace is a handmade designer fashion jewellery line, made from recycled bullet casings. Pendants, necklace, silver jewellery, decorated with gold, silver and swarovski crystal. Supporting charities and spreading the word of peace.

A fashion statement becomes a political statement when a spent bullet casings is turned into designer jewellery. Bullets are generally symbols of chaos and destruction, but Rafi Anteby transforms war bullets into beautiful and unique designer hand made jewellery as a way of spreading consciousness of peace.

The Bullets4Peace jewellery is made of recycled bullet casings taken from reload centers, streets, and war zones. When a bullet is fired the tip flies towards the target and the casing falls to the ground. Manufacturers reload these casings with live ammunition. The Bullets4Peace jewellery intercepts this vicious cycle by transforming the casings into unique and stylish fashion jewellery pendants insuring that these bullets will never find their way back to war zones, thus promoting harmony and peace.

The Bullets4Peace jewellery began when designer Rafi Anteby's close childhood friend was killed in a hail of gunfire. Each handmade necklace recycles a real bullet casing decorated with pewter and silver casts. Some of the jewellery pieces include crystals or even LED lights. Peace signs, dolphins, microphones, and crosses are among the nearly 100 different pendants styles available. Many of these can be found right here in our online jewellery shop. Each year Bullets 4 Peace donates a portion of the sales of the jewellery to several charities.

Bullets4Peace supports AUSTISM IRELAND and many other charities around the world.

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(credit: Rafi Anteby)

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