Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

40 - So what ?

40 is the new 30 ! By the time you have reached 40, you are a confident, successful and strong woman. At this point, you’ve had a whole bunch of practice with life and people around you know it. Looking your best in your 40’s means you can leave the nonsense behind and show off your alpha status at work and at home. Getting older isn’t about getting rid of gray hairs (hm.. maybe), it’s actually theperfect time to shine! Here are my  tips for looking your best after hitting 
the 4-0.

  • Looking your best at 40 is all about your attitude and using clothing to subtly show off your figure. Try wearing pieces that elongates your body like a gorgeous v-neck blouse and dark wash jeans.  Streamlined, sheath dresses are appropriate at the office and comfy, fluid tops for the weekend will leave everyone jealous of your sexy, refined look.
  • Remember that your skin is different now than it was two decades ago and change your  skincare routine accordingly. Being diligent about wearing SPF and applying anti-aging serums are your best resource. Also, make sure you are hydrated enough because dry skin = older looking skin.
  • When it comes to makeup , keeping it simple will actually help your skin look more youthful. Filling in the eyebrows , keeping the lips  moisturized and whitening the teeth (one of my best kept secrets!) can help brighten the face.
  • Exercise  is key for a long and healthy life! You don’t have to go crazy at the gym but joining a pilates class or walking group will not only boost your confidence but keep your waistline in check as you get older.
Growing older doesn’t mean it’s time to give up; it’s time to have confidence in your own beauty. Ladies, how do you feel about looking your best at 40? Do you have any tricks to share? xo
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(credit: L.R.  & Angel)

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