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People around you can sense your attitude without even talking to you – from a simple handshake to the body language you display – your tone can make or break a deal. Spreading your positive vibes and confident attitude can go a long way when it comes to giving a great impression. Check out my 3 easy tips for putting your best foot forward – simply through body language.

1.     Stand up straight. I know, I know – your mom’s been telling you this one for years. Well – she’s right! Showing off your strong self will give those around you a solid impression from the start.
2.     Shaking hands. This is a time-tested tradition goes so far back in the business world – we shake hands subconsciously when we are introduced. Keep your handshake strong and confident – showing off just how ready you are to tackle the next project or make a deal.
3.     Make eye contact. This one is huge. When you’re presenting or even just introducing yourself, be sure to make eye contact with the different people in the room. This will help you connect and show your confidence.
How about you? Got any additional tips for using body language to show off your confidence and positive vibes?

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