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Closet Detox for Fashion Lovers

Spring is finally here and while everyone is excited for warmer weather and blooming flowers, there’s one more really fun part: spring cleaning! Sounds like a blast, right? Going through your home each year to purge everything you rarely use and give the whole place a good scrub is completely invigorating. You feel lighter, more organized and ready to tackle anything. So how about some spring cleaning tips for fashion lovers? When that closet and dresser have become totally out of control and your shoe collection has grown to epic proportions, it’s time to take a good hard look at what you love vs. what you’re simply holding onto. Feel like this is a daunting (or scary) task? You can do it! Keep reading for a few tips (and some pics from my closet!) to get started.

Put on your favorite music – something energizing to help you get excited….and open the closet door to take it all in. The fun music will help keep you motivated and your spirits up when you feel like the job is just too much.

Pull absolutely everything out of your closet or dresser (or anywhere else you have clothes and shoes hidden away) and dump it all on the floor or on your bed. This will give you perspective of exactly what you’re dealing with and this way you can’t avoid a single piece.

Make a keep, donate (and/or sell) and trash pile and start going through each item one by one.

If you’re just not sure – some items are sentimental or you think you might wear them again…someday, think about the last time you actually did wear it. Was it more than a year ago? Then it’s probably time to donate it for someone who will love it just like you did. Are you holding onto a pair of skinny jeans that you know are totally out of reach? Don’t do that to yourself – stick to the reality of what you’ll actually wear, now.

Get a friend to weigh in. Just not sure if you even should be wearing that dress anymore? Have a friend give you her honest opinion. If she says toss it – listen to her!

This same process goes for accessories too. Once you make it through clothes and shoes, dump all your costume jewelry, scarves, bags – you name it – onto the bed and follow the exact same process.

Remember – this will feel incredible once you are finished. And, the best part? Now you have room (and an excuse) to load up on all those fresh and new spring styles you’ve been coveting!

Keep styling
(credit: L.R.)

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