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There’s something so romantic and magical about weddings, and the fashion always tends to follow suit with the mood of the occasion. It’s undoubtedly one of the best places to get inspiration for fashion and, you may have already noticed, many of the more recent sartorial trends have been inspired by these romantic events. If you’re feeling swept away by wedding trends, here are some of my favorite looks that were totally stolen from the brides.
VEILS – Remember bonnets with veils from last winter? Where do you think people got that look from? Being a bride used to be one of the few reasons women could wear veils but last winter, bonnets with veils were everywhere and, to be honest, it was quite an interesting look that I think added lots of edge and character to the outfit of anyone who wore it. Another way that veils are being incorporated into everyday looks is through fascinators.

GLOVES – Amal Clooney may have nailed the trend in one of her red carpet looks but it’s actually the brides who used to get all the first when it came to wearing gloves. Gloves never fail to add a hint of sophistication to any look, especially the long ones that go up beyond the elbow. These look really pretty with formal / evening looks though you can also make it work for daytime looks as well.

CAPES – Fall and winter last year were all about capes – from blanket style capes to superhero-worthy ones – and they weren’t just big, they were bold too! Everyone – from your celebrity style icon to your favorite fashion blogger and even down to the average fashion-obsessed teen in your street — sported one at least once in the past seasons and I’m pretty sure the pictures all over the internet and on magazines made you want on at some point as well.

DAYTIME SPARKLES – Sequins and glitters used to be something you would only wear for a nighttime outfit (party looks, most of the time) unless you were a bride then you could wear as much sparkle in your outfit as you like no matter what time of the day it is. Recently, though, fashionistas decided to do as the brides do and rock their sequins and glitters during the day and we couldn’t be happier.

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