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It seems like the return of the Mad Men’s final season is bringing that American Hustle 70’s flair back onto our radar with plenty of luxury looks. As some of our favorite characters are starting to make big money with new business ventures, the fictional ad company is also adding a newer line up of lux companies to represent as we watch Don Draper, classic and clean cut as ever, cast models wearing chinchilla and mink coats.

Characters like Roger Sterling and Ted Chaough, who last season seemed to be holding out on shaggy 60s look, have finally grown some 70’s mustaches and sideburns.

As working girls, Peggy and Joan, move up in the ad world, so does their style. This season, Peggy seems to be going for lapels, patterned cuffs, lady ties, and plain colored patterned suits. Joan opts for brighter suits, and lapels along with bold gold jewelry to represent her higher income and her businesswoman attitude.

After Joan and Peggy get finished with a business meeting where sexist comments are made toward Joan, Peggy suggests to Joan that maybe her style is to blame. Peggy’s comment obviously upsets Joan as we see her shopping for an upscale classic black Oscar De La Renta dress, which might be an indicator of a style change for Joan.
The unnamed women that seem to constantly surround Don and Roger are seen in shorter skirts, sheer long sleeves, and plenty of empire waist mini dresses and boots.
As much as I love watching the drama on this show, this season, I’m finding the era’s style so much more rewarding. I’ll be on the look out as the season continues and we get a chance to see how some of our other favorite characters, like Megan, Betty, and Sally Draper, are dealing with the 70s shift.
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