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Spring is such wonderful season. The sun is finally out and flowers are blooming everywhere you turn, while shorts and skirts are getting shorter. I’m all for wearing what you want, but sometimes it’s more flattering to plan your outfits around your body shape. When you look good you feel good, so why not accentuate the good that your body has to offer this spring? Here’s my guide to dressing for your body type: spring trends edition.
Rectangle- If you find that you’re a little less curvy and a bit straighter edge, you’re going to want to accentuate the smallest points of your body. So think skater skirts and dresses. Stylish floral jumpsuits are a big spring trend and they also work well with your body type. Maybe go all out and pick up a floppy hat and 70s style accessories. Why not show off that newly accentuated waist?

Pear- Maybe you’re a little curvier below the hips. I say, shake those hips and be sure flatter them the best you can by going bare shouldered in a strapless dress, that flares out a bit to draw attention up to your body rather than just down. Another vintage spring trend, flared pants, can also help draw attention down rather than just around your hip areas.

Apple- If you’re top heavy, meaning that you gain weight around your top section, then you want to again flatter that waist and bring the eye down. A fitted jacket or sleeveless loose top might work best for you. Flowy dresses also help show off your legs.

Hourglass- If you have an hourglass shape then any formfitting style would be best. You might want to consider dresses that show off your curves or something with has straight lines to draw the eye all over. I think an off the shoulder romper might be the best spring trend for you.

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