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The bag matching trend is one of the hottest trends that was on every runway in this year’s Fashion Week and I think that it’ easily one of the trends from the runway that’s going to make it to everybody’s wardrobes for spring and summer. When done right, matching your bag to your outfit can help you create a very on-trend look. Do it wrong, though, and you might end up with an outfit that looks tacky. Here are some tips and tricks on how to master the bag matching trend to make sure that you end up with a gorgeous look.
MATCH WITH A MONOCHROMATIC LOOK – Want to go all out on matching your bag with your outfit? Why not do a monochromatic look and match your bag with that? To make sure that your outfit and bag matching look won’t end up being tacky, give it a little bit of variety. You can do this by either pairing up colors from the same family but of different shades or by pairing the exact same color of clothes and bag but with different textures.

MATCH YOUR BAG AND YOUR SHOES – This is an old styling trick that seems to have been forgotten over time as we went on to experiment with mixing and matching pieces from our wardrobes to create a unique look. Now that the bag matching trend is here, though, it’s a great time to go back to matching your bag with your shoes, just like you did before.

MATCH PRINTS ON YOUR OUTFIT WITH YOUR BAG – Another way to match your bag with your outfit is to match the prints on them. Of course, getting the exact same print / pattern style on your clothes and your bag can be a bit of a challenge unless everything comes from either a set or the same line so you don’t have to do that. Instead, just pair up similar prints so when you have on a floral dress, you can go for a floral bag.

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