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Natural S.O.S Solutions for EYES

Winter has finally passed and spring has blown in full force, leaving many of us battling the first allergies of the season – and, you know what that means? Tired and puffy eyes. Whether you have itchy, allergy eyes, you’ve had a bit of a cry or you’re just super tired, puffy eyes can be totally frustrating. There are many causes for tired and puffy eyes including: drinking a bit too much the night before, sinus issues, seasonal allergies, struggles with diet, stress, genetics, hormonal changes – you name it – but don’t worry! Here’s a look at some natural treatments for combatting tired and puffy eyes.

Chilled cucumbers. Oldest trick in the book, but you know what? It works! Simply place slices of chilled cumbers over each eye, lay back and relax for a few minutes allowing the enzymes in the cucumbers to do their magic and leave those eyes looking totally refreshed.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. It seems water is a solution for so many things, and – truth be told – it is! Staying hydrated is the name of the game when it comes to being in tip top shape, but especially when dealing with puffy eyes. Water flushes the system, moving any sort of fluid retention through and out of the body.

Cold spoons. Sounds like such a simple trick, right? It absolutely is – and it works. Simply chill some metal spoons in the freezer (about 15 mins) and place the rounded part of the chilled spoon against your closed eye. This will relax the blood vessels and tighten the skin around the eye, reducing any signs of puffiness.

Green or black tea. While drinking this tea might also have healing properties, placing warm, soaked tea bags over your closed eyes will help reduce swelling. Be sure to let them cool just a bit before placing them on your eyes!

What’s your secret for tired and puffy eyes? xo

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