Samstag, 15. August 2015

Sign Styling : Libra

Hello Libra ladies! Libras have such amazing qualities. They’re social butterflies and they can easily settle a dispute, which means they make for great friends. Do you ever struggle with style, Libra? It’s hard for your because you struggle with decision making. That’s okay, because I’m here to help make those fashion decisions easier for you by showing you how your sign relates to your style! Check it out below and let me know if I got it right, Libra!

You Like Basics And Statement Pieces- You like a little bit of everything because of your balanced personality. You can dress down in easy-to-wear styles like the look below or you can jazz up your look with intense statement pieces.

You’ve Kind Of Got a Uniform- Libras like consistency! This is due to your difficulty in decision-making. You generally lean on one outfit or style that you know works well for you. You reach for one t-shirt you love until it wears out. You’ve got a uniform that you know how to rock!

You Can’t Decide On An Outfit- Your closet is probably a mess because of this. To help with this problem, I suggest you mix patterns. Wear a graphic tee with a colorful statement piece like the blogger below. Mixing patterns is huge these days!

You Like Elegance- You love luxury items and elegance. You have refined tastes so brand names and designer names are kind of your thing. “You get what you pay for,” is your motto.

Keep styling
( credit: L.R.)

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