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Wedding Dress Shopping Rules

You’re getting married and you’re ready to find a dress! We get it. It’s not easy choosing that ever-important white gown, yet it’s easy to fall prey to some of the faux pas that I’ll be outlining in this very post. Keep away from these while shopping for the perfect gown and you’ll have a stress-free shopping experience. Check them out below and let me know if they help you while you’re shopping for your wedding dress!

Looking Too Early- Try to avoid finding your dress too early after the engagement. Give yourself at least 12 months before you seek out your dress. Your interests, along with the look and feel of your wedding could change. Avoid added stress and find a dress you love closer to your wedding date.
Trying On Too Many Dresses- It’s a proven fact that too many options make us unhappy and make it more difficult for us to make a decision. I know there are millions of wedding dress stores in this world, but try to keep your search down to three stores at most. If you’ve already got a look in mind, try to find it instead of trying on every dress out there. Make your search easier so you can say yes to the dress!
Avoid Huge Sales- Just because it’s a cheap designer gown on discount doesn’t mean that you love it. In fact, avoid steep discounts altogether as they could easily sway you into picking out a dress you don’t really love. I’m all for a deal but only if you’re 1000% in love with the dress, otherwise put the dress back on the hanger and walk away.
Bringing The Whole Family- Your wedding, let alone shopping for the perfect dress, is hard enough without hearing input from the entire peanut gallery. Keep your family and your friends at home. They’ll see the dress along with everyone else at the wedding. Bring some trusted friends or your sister, whose opinion your trust, rather then everyone you know.

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