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Work Wardrobe

How do some women do it? They always look amazing at work. So fashionable, yet simple, while the rest of their wardrobe looks just as amazing. Seems impossible to get that look down. You’re struggling with your own work wardrobe, let alone the rest of your wardrobe. What’s a girl to do? Here’s one thing you can do: create a work uniform. No, I’m not talking plaid skirts and white blouses. I’m talking about getting a few different outfits and accessories down together for a fashionable work wardrobe that’s easy and simple to create. Check out my helpful tips below.

Choose A Color Palette- See? I told you this wasn’t your everyday uniform. Pick out a color palette that works best with the city’s climate that you work in. For example, business folks in Miami probably wear more colorful looks to work, while New Yorkers are prone to darker styles. Two to four colors should be enough.

Find 5 Shirts For The Week- Pick out five different shirts within your color palette. Choose enough for the workweek, maybe get a sixth one just in case.

Add The Rest Of Your Look- Add some extras, like pencil skirts and slacks. I would say that 5 bottoms should be enough. Get two dresses you can easily accessorize and two jackets, plus some shoes to match. You’re work uniform is almost complete!

Shoes, Purses and Accessories- Pick up some flats and kitten heels to match your color palette. Next, get two big purses to fit any papers that need to travel. After that, pick out your favorite work appropriate accessories and you’ve got up to 30 outfits that are perfect for work and sure to amazing your coworkers!

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