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Tricks That Make You Look Slimmer

When it comes to being thin, some women are blessed.  Then for others, it can be a lifelong battle trying to shed a few pounds.  Fortunately, though, there are several beauty and fashion tricks you can use to appear thinner.

Wear the right shoes
First of all, an instant way to look thinner is by wearing a skirt or dress that comes right to the knees and pairing it with two to three inch heels.  Stay away from heels that are square-toed and have a chunky heel, as these will only make you appear shorter and heavier.

Wear body shapers
Shapewear might not be the most comfortable, but it definitely does a great job at shaping your body.  Any time you’re wearing a tank top or low-top shirt, you’ll want to wear an extra-firm shaper on your tummy.  You’ll not only look like you’ve lost weight, but you’ll appear more toned and in shape, too.

Wear the same colors
Want to wear a blue shirt?  Great, pair it with a blue skirt.  Are you in the mood to wear brown slacks?  If so, pair them with a brown blouse.  When you wear the same color, it draws out your vertical height, which helps.

Keep styling
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