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Casual Friday - Basic Rules to Follow

Casual office attire has become increasingly popular as many employers adopt a more relaxed business environment. This is particularly true of jobs in creative fields, such as marketing, advertising, fashion and beauty, all industries in which professionals are encouraged to express themselves through their wardrobe choices.
But, creative or not, there are still some rules that apply in putting together the right outfit for work. Regardless of where you work, who you work with, and how many (or few) people you may see throughout the day, a professional environment should remain just that. So if you’re one of the lucky ones to have a casual Friday (or even just a business casual) vibe at your office, then these rules are for you — or anyone you may want to anonymously pass them along to! Read ahead and take note before planning your next work outfit.

No cleavage – Tame the plunging necklines and keep the cleavage for after-hours. At work, opt for more demure looks: crew necks, boatneck tops, button-downs, and peter pan collars are all great ways of making trends work for the office.
No miniskirts – You may want to show off the results of your regular workout, but knee-length should really be your aim for work attire. Add tights under a skirt that’s a few inches too short to add some modesty to the look without looking too stiff.
No ripped jeans – Boyfriend jeans with tears are having a moment, and those are really a great way to balance a top that may otherwise be too precious. But wearing them to the office comes off as sloppy. Instead, opt for a more classic pair with no holes or scratches. Darker denim is always a good idea for the office.
No cropped tops - Cropped tops are also a great new silhouette of the moment. But wearing them to work is a no-no unless you’re layering with a longer, more classic top underneath. Try adding a light button-down to make your shorter piece work.
No club heels – I’m the first one to praise high heels; the higher the better. But when it comes to the professional arena, something tasteful  should override a look you can take to the club. Some offices have rules about open-toed shoes, and others are more relaxed about it. But, regardless of their take on that, a lower, stacked heel always comes off more polished.
No sheer tops – Sheer may be a trending look, and it may even be chic and classy, but it really has no place at the office. If you do intend to wear a sheer blouse, add a full-lenth cami in a matching color underneath. But when in doubt, just avoid it.
No exposed undergarments – This is just good practice, work or not! Don’t let your undergarments peek out from your pants, skirts, or blouses! Keep it classy with clothes that fit properly and don’t allow anything intimate to show through.
Happy Friday !! xo

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