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Fitting rules

We’ve all been there; fitting room drama happens to everyone. For many women, the idea of trying on clothes – particularly if there is a mid-diet situation – can be unnerving. But, even if fitting rooms are one of life’s necessarily evils, the experience doesn’t have to be so anxiety-ridden. With just a few basic tweaks, you can look and feel your best when you step into that little box of mirrors and come out with an outfit that really works. Here’s how you can survive the fitting room and try on clothes with way less stress.


7 Tips for Trying on Clothes
Style yourself up – Do you hair and makeup if you know you’re going to be trying on clothes. It may sound silly, but if you look better, you’ll feel better and go in with a much more positive attitude.
This will also give you a better idea of how the outfit will look when you wear it out for an occasion. Wear proper undergarments – If you’re buying a dress or special outfit that will require shapewear, put it on before you leave the house.
This will help you envision your full look and aid you in proper fit. Be sure you’re wearing a bra that fits properly as well. Wear the right shoes – If you are searching for an outfit that goes with high heels, wear them to try it on. The same goes for flats. If you’re wearing the proper shoes, you can gauge proper length and fit. Move around – Don’s just stand still and look at your reflection.
 Move around, sit down, cross your legs, and do a twirl to see how the outfit really moves. Step outside – Don’t just try the mirror inside the dressing room. Step outside, walk around, and find a dressing room (usually at the end of the hall) with angles and, potentially, a step to help give you a wel-rounded view. Find a different mirror – If at all possible, find another mirror around the store.
Different lighting and angles will help you get a feel for the full look. Take a picture – Don’t go taking selfies for proper outfit angles. Ask a friend or salesperson to take a picture of you wearing the outfit to really see how it will look on you in all possible cases ...
Got any tricks of your own for trying on clothes? How do you deal with dressing room anxiety?
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