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Fashion Trends - Thanks Madonna

Madonna, who was also called the Queen of Pop, was one of the biggest beauty and fashion icons back in the 80s. Aside from her talent in music, every woman looked up to Madonna as her source of beauty and fashion inspirations. Madonna may have been known to push the boundaries of lyrical content and imagery but there’s no doubt that she’s also well known for reinventing her image and has been one of the most influential fashion icons of her time, setting trends that sent the fashion world ablaze. Here are some fashion trends we can all thank Madonna for.

Arm candies / arm party – go on Pinterest or Instagram today, browse for a little while and I’m pretty sure you’ll see a picture of some random fashion-obsessed girl’s arm candy. Yep, they’re all the rage and we don’t see the trend coming to an end any time soon but it’s not the first time stacked bracelets came to the fashion world. In fact, back in the 80s, Madonna used to wear stacks and stacks of leather and rubber bracelets on both hands, making the trend a worldwide phenomenon. 

Lace – we all know how pretty lace is as a fabric and though they’re really on trend today with lots of women, it not a new trend either. Madonna wore lace everything back in the day (in fact, she still does today) it wouldn’t have been so surprising if there was a shortage of the stuff. Lace tops, lace jackets, lace tights and leggings, lace gloves – these were just some of the lace pieces Madonna used to get garbed up in and many other women quickly followed suit.

Slogan shirts – so you think those slogan shirts you see lots of fashionistas wearing today are a new thing? Well, think again. Madonna was actually one of the first, if not the absolute first, celebrities to make slogan shirts happen. These are equivalent to the statement shirts we wear today with words like ‘#yolo’ or ‘Celfie’ on them printed. 

Crop tops  – these ever so popular staples at summer music festivals were first made popular by Madonna back in the 80s. They continued to be a trend in the 90s and again resurfaced a few couple of summers ago and they’re still taking the fashion world by storm.

Cloth headband – Rihanna and Cher Lloyd are just some of the most popular celebs to sport bandana headbands today but Madonna was actually the first one who made this into a trend back in the 80s. Back then, she didn’t limit herself to wearing just bandana headbands, she also wore other cloth headbands from bow bands to what seemed like strips torn from her bed sheet and it was the cheapest yet coolest thing ever.
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