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Fashion guide: bold trends

When it comes to fashion, we all know that trends come and go so the best thing to do is to enjoy them while they’re hot. Trends are unpredictable. One day an amazing and totally chic trend will come out and the next day an unimaginable, almost-unwearable-for-everyday-looks trend will come out. Of course, it’s always up to you to choose which ones to sport and which ones to ignore. While sticking to your own personal style is always the best way to go, there’s really nothing wrong with wanting to try new trends and styles every now and then and, if you’re bold and brave, going for the daring ones. The challenge, really, is to just make runway trends look wearable in real life. Check out these daring trends for bold fashionistas and tell us which one you would rock in a heartbeat.
Daytime sequins – sequins are super fun to wear during the night because it adds just the right amount of shimmer and shine to your look and it takes the glam factor of your outfit to the next level but are you bold enough to wear it during the day? A lot of women fear that they’ll end up looking like a walking disco ball if they wore sequins in broad day light but there are certainly some tricks you can use to go about doing this daring trend.

Metallic trend – if you’re not worried of looking like you came from the future, why not try doing the metallic trend? Metallic pieces always have that futuristic look about them that, when done wrong, can look oh so horrible. If you’re brave and bold enough, though, I suggest you give it a go. Try starting with smaller pieces like shoes, purses and accessories and work your way through wearing metallic tops, pants and dresses.
Print on print – wearing a fully printed piece can already be overwhelming if your style is mostly on the minimalist side so one fun daring trend to try would be the print on print trend. It may look easy if you think of it as just putting together whatever printed piece you have but the truth is that you have to make sure the prints you wear together in one outfit work well with each other.

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