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Ultimate Fall Prints

Fall is just right around the corner and as much as we hate to say goodbye to easy breezy summer dressing, we really don’t have a choice. Temperatures are about to drop so it’s a good idea to start getting your wardrobe ready for some bundling up as early as now, no matter how hot it may still be. If you’re already planning your wardrobe for fall, you may have noticed that you tend to gravitate towards darker colors and this tends to lead to dull and boring outfits. To keep your fall looks interesting, one thing you can do is to wear prints instead of just plain, solid dark colors. For those of you out there, who are already planning on doing some shopping for their fall wardrobes, check out these prints to wear for fall.

1. Stripes – to start off the list, we have stripes, which is the universal print. You can wear this print style all year round but if you want it to have a specific fall look, choose your stripe prints in warm, dark and earthy colors like black, brown, navy and plum on a white base. These are also one of the easiest print styles to mix and match with other prints in case you want to do a print on print outfit. 

2. Checkered – checkered prints like gingham, tartan and plaid are very popular for fall. Incorporating these prints into your outfit is one of the best and easiest ways to add tiny pops of color to keep your outfit lively. Some people are confused about the difference between gingham print, tartan print and plaid but it’s actually quite easy to differentiate one from the other once you know what to look for. 

3. Animal print – animal prints are fall and winter staples. They’re great if you want to stick to dark and neutral colors but still want to add a bit of texture and detail to your look. Animal prints are often used to give outfits a sexier look which really comes in handy during the colder seasons like fall and winter when you have to get all cozy and bundled up .

4. Dark floral print – for all the girly girls out there, who loves bright summer floral print, fret not. You don’t have to give up wearing pretty floral prints this fall but you might want to give it a bit more of a fall-ish look by going for dark floral print instead of bright ones. This is another great idea to bring more color into your fall wardrobe. 

5. Marble print – looking for a print that’s not too mainstream? How about rocking a few marble print pieces here and there? Marble print is simple and abstract. They work great when mixed and matched with other prints and they do well in giving your outfit a bit of a sophisticated touch. 
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