Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

Falltrend: Layering

Now that the temps are starting to drop, you’ll need to start bundling and cozying up as well if you want to survive the outdoor weather comfortably. Aside from wearing chunkier items of clothing, one way to keep warm this fall is to layer. Layering allows you to create different looks, too, and what’s great about it is that you don’t have to especially buy new pieces to layer because you can simply make do with what you already have in your closet – great for those who are already done for their fall shopping. One thing about layering, though, is that it tends to make you look bulky but that’s a fairly easy issue to solve. Here are some tips on layering for fall to help you achieve a warm and chic outfit as well as a nicely balanced silhouette.
  • Limit it to three layers – limiting your layers to three keeps your silhouette looking rational. It’s much more practical, too, especially when the topmost (third) layer is something that can easily be removed when adjusting from outdoor to indoor temps. A typical combo would be a shirt, a jacket then a scarf or a coat. You can also try layering summer dressed with a sweater and then a jacket – the layering combinations are basically endless and just depends on what you have on hand.

Keep it thin – thinner pieces are more ideal for layering. You are going to be piling them on top of each other anyway so that’s sure to keep you warm. If it’s freezing outside and you feel the need to wear something heavy and chunky, wear it as the topmost layer only. This way, your silhouette won’t get as bulky and chunky.

Choose your fabrics wisely – there are fabrics that you can wear that aren’t as thick and heavy and chunky but are just as comfy. Leather, for example, provides great warmth without the chunk plus it gives off a nice, sleek and chic look too. Use these to your advantage and wear them to avoid too many layers and a too-heavy silhouette. 

Keep it interesting – it’s so easy to lean towards going monochromatic when layering outfits and while there’s nothing wrong with that, just make sure that you keep your outfit interesting by adding sophisticated accessories or a pop of color into the mix.

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