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Shorts in Winter

Denim cutoffs are great for summer but during the wintertime, they get stashed to the back of the closet, never to be seen again until the next summer comes. Wearing shorts in general can be a real challenge during winter. You’re practically exposing your legs to the super cold air (which can be drying on the skin, by the way), leaving them to freeze. If you’re looking to get the most wear out of your denim cutoffs, though, or if winters don’t get as cold where you’re from, there are a few styling tricks that you can do to make these summer staples wearable during the colder season. Here are some tips on how to wear denim cutoffs in winter.
LAYER WITH TIGHTS – the easiest way to make any leg-baring piece in winter, be it a short dress or denim cutoffs, is to create layers and wear it with tights underneath. A really thick, almost leggings-like, pair of tights underneath denim cutoffs will definitely give you more warmth and make your outfit more comfy and cozy compared to if you were to wear your denim cutoffs on their own.
WEAR KNEE KNEE or THIGH-HIGH SOCKS – if you’re not feeling the whole ‘tights under shorts’ kind of thing, you can skip that and keep your legs warm with a pair of socks instead. Of course, you’ll want to wear knee high or thigh high socks so that most of your legs are covered. This will give you a little bit of a hipster-ish touch to your look, too, which is great for mixing up your usual outfits.
 GO FOR KNEE HIGH / OTK BOOTS – over the knee (OTK) boots are on trend right now and they’re super chic, too. If you have a pair of these lying around, wear them with your denim cutoffs. They’re going to have most of your legs covered, making them feel warmer and more comfy when you have to step out and brave a cold winter day (or night).

MAKE IT UP WITH OUTERWEAR – if you really want to wear your denim cutoffs during the winter and you still want to end up with a comfy and warm outfit, you can make up for the lost warm on your lower half by wearing a really cozy outerwear like a jacket or a coat, preferably the same length, if not longer, as your whole outfit from top to shorts.

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