Montag, 5. Januar 2015

2015 - Keep You Fit

Happy New Year, everyone! If you’ve set your resolutions for 2015, then I hope one of them was taking action towards a healthier lifestyle. Any new step in the direction of your fitness is a great one. But you can really help your odds with a few gadgets to follow your progress and keep you on track. Setting measurable goals is key in actually achieving them. So lace up your running shoes, download your favorite playlist, and go for a run, all while watching those numbers get crunched for you by the latest fitness technology.

1. FitBit One – This tiny device is meant to track your calories, steps, sleep and has a silent alarm to wake you in the morning to get you to your workout on time. Clip this to your torso to get information sent via Bluetooth to your iOS app or computer.
2. FitBit Flex – Similar to the FitBit One, this gadget will track your steps, distance and calories burned as well as sleep cycle stats. Just slip it onto your wrist to keep score of your numbers and sync the data to any device.
 3. LG LifeBand Touch – This wrist device measures your steps, calories, distance, and speed and will allow you to sync up to various fitness apps and devices, all with the ease of a touch screen. The LifeBand Touch also contains an alarm and will work with your smartphone to deliver call and text message notifications.
 4. Mio Link – If you want to keep track of your heart rate but hate the idea of wearing a bulky (and potentially sweaty) chest band, then the Mio Link is a great solution. The sleek, silicone wrist band slips on and monitors your heart rate, while working in conjunction with the Mio GO Fitness app.
5. Finis Neptune Underwater MP3 Player – This little gadget keeps your music going for motivation underwater while swimming laps. There’s no need for headphones because of its special audio technology that allows it to transmit sound while submerged so you can keep your favorite playlist going while making a splash.

Have you invested in a fitness gadget?

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