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Trendguide: Knee High Socks

Knee-high socks are usually equated to the schoolgirl look. But now, they are considered integral parts of high-fashion attires. Look mod in these knee-high leg warmers by following these smart styling tips.

Team ‘Em with Tights

This winter season, it is essential to be fashionable – while keeping warm. A great and stylish way to do this is to wear your tights underneath your knee-high socks. The tights can cover the bare areas that can freeze in these nippy temperatures. Add to that, this layering can make you look like very sophisticated.As for the color, dark or neutral-colored tights are recommended for dressier occasions. Patterned or bright-colored tights, on the other hand, are perfect for casual occasions and getaways. -

Style ‘Em with Shorts

Your itty-bitty shorts can be worn during the wintertime as well, as long as they are layered and styled comprehensively. Get to wear these leg-baring knickers – without freezing your legs off – by pairing them with your knee-high socks. As it has been said, you can wear them over tights for the ultimate leg warmth.

Sexify ‘Em with Skirts
Look sexy and sultry this holiday season with a skirt and knee-high sock combo. Although this is very reminiscent of the schoolgirl look, you can make it more ‘grown-up’ with the right top. In this look, a simple gray sweater and pencil-cut mini skirt have created a sophisticated yet minimalist style.


Bring Em with boots
Most boots are worn with tights – especially during this winter season. Be a cut above the rest by wearing your favorite boots with a good pair of knee-high socks.  After all, they can be a welcome breather from the usual tights.
For a classy look, wear socks that are the same color as your boots. For a livelier, youthful look, experiment with printed or brightly-colored socks. Whether you choose long boots or ankle booties, they are sure to look impeccable with knee-high socks.

Keep styling
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