Samstag, 17. Januar 2015

Fashion Rules To Break in 2015

There are many fashion commandments in the world. Some are great to live by, while some are complete bollocks. Here are some foolish fashion rules that you should resolve to break right now.
Two Prints Don’t Go Together

Print on print is one of the hottest trends of today because it adds a bit of spunk into any wardrobe. Get the perfect look by choosing complementing prints – meaning a mix of a vibrant style and a subdued pattern. Master this rule and you will be able to wear two prints seamlessly.
Stripes Can Make You Look Bigger

That’s what most people think, but it’s not true. To be safe though, choose thin stripes. Wear a lined top with a jacket or a blazer to create contrast. 

Sheen is Only for the Nighttime

Sequins, glitter, jewels and studs – they are no longer reserved for formal or nocturnal events. Yes, you can wear them during daytime as well. Just remember not to outshine the sun! Tone down the sheen with dressed-down pieces, such as a plain white shirt or skinny jeans.

Don’t Wear White After Labor Day

White is immaculate – it makes you look clean, polished and sophisticated. Now why would you stop wearing your white pieces after Labor Day? Ditch this old wives’ fashion tale and wear your pristine pieces whenever you want to.

Petite Girls Should Not Wear Long Dresses

If you believe that long dresses can make you look shorter, that’s where you are wrong. Such a flowing dress can create an illusion of height, as long as you choose one with a nice-fitting design. Avoid super loose designs or you will end up eaten by the fabric.

Socks with Sandals are Tacky

Beg to differ and say yes! Socks with sandals are not as tacky as you think they are. This pairing, in fact, is a great solution for the wintertime. With socks, you can wear your favorite sandals without freezing your toes off.
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