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Fashion Tips On Making You Look Slimmer

There is no magic pill to lose weight – but you can deceive others with the right styling. Here are some insider tips that can make you look slimmer instantly.The Darker, the BetterDark colors help create an illusion of leanness. Look thinner immediately by dressing in all-black garb (other darker colors will do as well.) Why? These hues create the illusion of a long vertical line


Pick the Right PantsIf you want to look thinner ASAP, go for dark-colored trousers (such as black or navy) with a tapered leg. Avoid those with pleating. As for jeans, the same rule applies: choose dark-colored washes. Opt for straight jeans that go one to two inches below the ankle. High-waisted jeans in dark washes are slimming options as well. For the ultimate sexiness, choose denims made from stretch fabric.

Choose the Right SkirtThere are many skirts out there, but some can make you look bigger. Look shapelier with a knee-length skirt or an A-line skirt that ends above the knee. Want to look sexier this coming winter? Wear your skirts with opaque black tights for a full slimming effect.

Do you plan on wearing a tunic or a dress? Achieve a thinner look by wearing any of these with a slim belt. Cinching your waist this accessory can make you look sexier instantly.


Be Smart When it Comes to ShoesPicking the right shoes can create a sexier look as well. Shoes with low-cut vamps can make your legs look even more slender. The right heel height can create an illusion of trimness too. Heels measuring two and a half inches (and above) make clothes fall ‘better.’ These can make you appear thinner to others. If you are a fan of pumps, choose those with thin heels and pointed toes. Such designs can elongate the leg line. The result? A fabulously taller and slimmer you.

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