Montag, 5. Januar 2015

Furry - Wintertime Fashions

Winter is the best time to stay in and get comfy but it’s just not possible. You have to get out there and brave the cold to get to work or to school or to whatever else keeps you occupied during the day so the next best thing is to dress up in cozy and comfy clothes. And what better way to get comfy while you’re out in the cold than to don something furry and fuzzy? If you’re looking for something to warm you up for the coming colder winter days, check out these fuzzy, furry fashion items that you can cozy up in.

LONG FUR GILET – on days when a super warm and heavy outfit isn’t necessary, a gilet would be a really nice piece to have. It’s not too chunky and it won’t have you feeling too hot like a full on jacket or coat but it’ll still keep you feeling cozy and snug. Instead of going for regular fur, go for long fur. It give your outfit a much more elegant look. Faux goat hair is a great alternative, too.


MINK COAT – want to add a bit of a luxurious look and feel to your outfit? All you need to do is throw on a mink coat on top of your outfit and you’ll be all set for the day. A mink coat can be a little expensive but it sure is a great investment for any fashionista. It’s the perfect outerwear for dressy looks and it’s something you can use to dress up simple and casual outfits as well.

SHEARLING – whether it’s the trim on your boots or on your gilet, shearling is something that’s sure to keep you warm and comfy. Unlike fur, shearling is a little clumpier. It also has less of a luxurious look and feel to it which makes it perfect for casual and street style outfits.

FUR SCARF – it doesn’t look like a scarf per se but rather more like a collar made out of fur. Wrap it around your neck to dress up a plain top or jumper and to keep you warm and cozy as well -
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