Samstag, 30. Mai 2015


Overalls are becoming a huge trend for the summer. I’ll admit, when they first hit the scene, I was skeptical. Overalls? Back again? Do we really have to do this? Yet, as I’ve combed the blogs and checked the fashion magazines, I had a change of heart. Ladies everywhere are rocking their own overalls in ways you would never expect. I love to see them on fashion mavens who are truly making them their own. So how do you rock overalls? Check out the examples below and let me know your thoughts on the overall trend. Just a fad or a full on fashion staple? Let me know in the comments, ladies! 

Nautical Stripes- To make this fashion trend all your own, pair it with a shirt that’s totally you. Nautical stripes are a great way to incorporate overalls in the summer. Add a statement necklace to dress your overall up like the blogger below! A statement necklace creates an elegant effect.

Comfy Crop Top- Listen, it gets hot in the summer so dressing to beat the heat is inevitable. If the temperatures are too much to handle, pick up a pair of short overalls and pair them with a comfy crop top. To make your look perfect for an afternoon hike, wear your favorite sneakers

Sheer Top- To dress up your overall look, make like Olivia Palermo and pair your overalls with a sheer top. She makes her overalls look seem fashion forward and summer perfect all at the same time.

Collared Top- To create an interesting layering effect, you might want to try a button down shirt or a collared top. Add some of your favorite accessories and strut your fashionable stuff.

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