Samstag, 23. Mai 2015


It’s easy to feel down and out when you’re focused on your problems. Work didn’t go well, you had an argument with a friend, and you just feel like life has got you down. Listen, it happens and that’s okay because that’s just how life works. Even though it all okay, it’s sometimes too easy to feel down and out. Sometimes, we make our problems our life story, putting us in a damp mood. So how do we get out of it and turn it around in order to be optimists? Listen up, ladies, because I’m about drop some of my best mood boosting tips

Recognize Your Mood- It’s one thing to be moody, but when you can notice those icky feelings of regret or sorrow seeping into your day, try your best to recognize them. When you can recognize that you aren’t feeling too happy, it will lead you being able to stop those feelings and focus on mood boosting.
What Are You Grateful For?- It’s so easy to go on with our lives without reminding ourselves what’s important. What’s going well in your life? What’s making you happy? What are you grateful for? If you can, write a list and truly feel those grateful feelings. Reminding yourself of what you have will help boost that mood.
Complete Something- Create small goals for yourself. When you can complete something without feeling overwhelmed, it can help you to feel accomplished. Accomplished people feel better, therefore boosting that down and out mood.
Do Something FUN- I say it all the time so I may sound like a broken record, but do something for you. Dance around to a song you really love. Exercise boosts endorphins. One of my favorite tasks is to watch old music videos. JLo circa the early 2000s? Don’t mind if I do! So be sure to do something for yourself to help you get in a good mood and right on task.

 Keep smiling
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