Freitag, 1. Mai 2015

Spring Cleaning

As the saying goes, “April Showers Bring May Flowers,” so the timing is just right for being indoors getting your life and house organized for those sunny days ahead, right? With warmer weather just on the horizon, you can imagine how good it would feel to get your de-cluttering out of the way.  Heading into the summer season feeling lighter and more organized will help give you loads of time for the important stuff – like some fun in the sun! Not exactly sure where to start or what to focus on? No worries! Here are a few tips for getting organized this spring – from your closet to your computer.

De-clutter your digital life. This one sounds pretty overwhelming to many of us. The work inbox is full and your mobile phone is overflowing with photos and videos. It’s time to nip the one right now. Throw on some tunes, grab a glass of wine and go to town with your computer. Delete old emails that you no longer need and organize anything you must save into folders. Regardless – get it all out of your inbox so that you can focus again. Still got some energy? Move on to your phone – it’s time to move all those photos and videos over to the cloud and free up some memory for your phone. When you finish these two tasks, you’ll feel ah-mazing.
Head to your closet. It’s just time to pull it all out – do a major dump of clothes and shoes right onto your bed or the floor.  Make a few piles: donate, sell, dump and keep. Now go to town. On the fence about something? Ask yourself if you’ve worn the piece in the last year – if you haven’t, say goodbye. This can be a tough one – but you’ll feel incredible the next time you open that closet door.
De-clutter your desk. Is your desk at work overwhelming you just like your closet? It’s time to give it a major de-clutter. Just like your email, being overwhelmed by your desk can easily weigh on your performance at work, leaving you struggling to find things or simply frozen by the overwhelming amount of stuff. Take it drawer by drawer and shelf by shelf, saving only what you absolutely need.
Makeover your makeup. How long has it been since you’ve given your makeup bag or vanity a good overhaul? Feeling overwhelmed by all the old cosmetics you’re clinging onto? It’s time to take a good hard look at what’s still good, what you actually use and what needs to be tossed and replaced. This is the perfect excuse to freshen up your look for spring!
Kitchen cleanup. What about the kitchen cabinets, pantry, fridge and junk drawers? When is the last time they got a good de-cluttering and cleaning? Tis the season for giving everything a good overhaul – and the kitchen is the perfect candidate too. Take a good hard look at expiration dates, freezer burn and all the little goodies taking up space in the junk drawer.
Ready to tackle all of these areas to leave yourself ready for summer with no clutter? How do you declutter?

Keep cleaning
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