Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015

Fun Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching meaning it’s time to pick out gifts and think of some fun Mother’s Day adventures. When we think of Mother’s Day plans, we tend to think of breakfast in bed or brunch with endless mimosas. Don’t get me wrong, those ideas all sound amazing and are sure-fire ways to show your mother that you love her, but why not try to plan something a little different this year? It’s time that we get those creative juices flowing and decide on something that will absolutely wow your mom. These are just some of my own ideas for creative Mother’s Day outings that don’t include brunch.

Plan An Adventure- Yes, an actual adventure. Maybe you could book a sunset catamaran ride. If your mom is up to swimming and doing outdoor actives, you could find a great hiking trail, or plan a snorkeling trip.
Do Something To Show Her You Care- Take her on a picnic and pack all her favorite goodies. Do some of her favorite activities. If she likes art, take her to a museum. If she likes shopping, plan a surprise trip to her favorite stores. Make sure the day is about her and what she likes to do.
Think Outside The Box- Surprise her by planning an activity she won’t be expecting. What’s something that she’s been dying to do but hasn’t had the chance? Maybe it’s tango or salsa lessons? Or maybe your mom is a little more adventurous and wouldn’t mind taking a shot at skydiving? If not, then definitely book the tango lessons. We don’t want to terrify her for more Mother’s Day celebrations to come.
Have A Party-Why is it that when we think ‘Mother’s Day,’ the thought of teatime and lame floral patterns comes to mind? Mother’s Day is a celebration! So what if you planned a party and invited all your mom’s friends along with their kids? Crank up the party music, pour some wine and be sure to tell your mother you love her.

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