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Silver Details

When you hear or see the word silver, one of the very first things that come to mind is jewelry and that’s because that is the most common way that most of us incorporate the color into our everyday looks. If you’re looking for fab street style ways to wear silver, check out the tips and ideas we have below.
SILVER JEWELRY – as mentioned above, this is the most common way to wear silver and incorporate it in your everyday look. You can choose to wear dainty silver jewelry for a more refined look or bigger, bolder and chunkier ones (in layers, if you please) for an edgier look that’s perfect for street style snaps.

MIXED WITH GOLD – if gold is more of your element but you want to have a bit of silver added to your look, why not mix and match? Gold and silver make a really pretty and unique combo and is perfect for those of you stylish ladies out there who love to layer and mix and match.

METALLIC BOTTOMS – want something a little more futuristic? How about rocking a pair of silver bottoms? Metallic is the best way to go if you’re taking this route. A pair of metallic silver pants can make you stand out effortlessly while a metallic silver skirt allows you to do the same but with just a hint of girly-ness.

POP OF SILVER – and, finally, if you want to wear a bit of silver in your look but don’t want anything too loud or noticeable, the best way to go is to add pops of silver all throughout your outfit. You can do this by wearing a silver belt, carrying a silver purse or maybe even wearing a silver hair accessory like a headband or a beret.

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