Sonntag, 7. Juni 2015

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Sometimes you just want to glam it up! Pair your highest heels with your tightest jeans and work your personality through your style. Yet, sometimes we get so tired of rocking our heels and uncomfortable style elements, that it feels nice just to dress it down. Just because we want to be comfortable doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our style. I know when I try to go comfy, I always try to pair my outfit with a purse that still says “fashionista.” Here are some more comfortable style staples for you to try. Let me know how you mix comfort with style in the comments! It’s always nice to learn about new comfortable styles that I never knew about before.

Sandals and Flats- I love fashion and I love comfort, which is probably why I came out with my own line of fold away flats, perfect for wedding dance floors and daily errands. Flats and sandals are exactly what you need for summer dresses and daytime outfits, because wearing those stilettos for hours on end, is not exactly ideal. So rock your own! I think they add a little something to every outfi

Statement Necklace- To add a little something special to your more comfortable outfits go for a statement necklace. They make your leggings and flats look more uptown. Make your favorite outfit for running errands a little more elegant or add some color. Make it all your own!

Shift dress- I love a comfortable shift dress. These are so easy to wear, especially for a Sunday brunch or lunch with friends. Dress it down or up, these dresses are great—and comfy—for almost any occasion.

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