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Fuller Lips

If you’ve ever found yourself admiring someone else’s younger, fuller lips – that’s OK! Lush lips are gorgeous – don’t be shy – you aren’t alone. If you look in the mirror and feel as though your own lips are losing their color or are getting a bit thin, it’s all part of the aging process. You may not be able to stop time from passing, but you can slow it down – especially when it comes to keeping your lips full and plump. Here are a few tips for fuller lips.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. There’s nothing better for your body than water and that goes for your lips too. Drinking loads of water will help keep your skin looking its absolute best – and it will keep you feeling great too. When you skimp on the water, your lips will become dry and look dry too. This is a no brainer – just load up on the water.

Plump them up. If you’re looking for an instant fix, a little lip plumper just might do the trick. It feels a bit tingly, but the immediate results are probably exactly what you’re after. You can find lip plumpers built into lipstick, lip gloss or all on its own. Try it!

Try a little bit of lip liner. Adding a bit of liner in the same tone as your lip color will keep all the color exactly where you want it – on your lips! Add some shiny gloss on top – and you’ll have those plump lips you’re after just like that.

Don’t be afraid of color. Some lip color will go a long way for bringing a little life back to your lips. Along with the aging process, you might notice the natural color of your lips has started to fade just a bit. This one is an easy fix – make lip color your staple every day – it doesn’t have to be a big occasion to sport a touch of lipstick or gloss.

Exfoliate. When your lips start to get a little dry, some gentle exfoliation will do the trick – it’s easy, feels great and will pump them right back up. Exfoliation will show off the soft, young-looking skin that was hiding under dry layers.

Don’t forget the sun protection. You wouldn’t forget sunscreen when it comes to the rest of your body, right? So why leave your lips out of the equation? Even though sun protection isn’t going to give you fuller lips overnight, the long-term effects will be noticeable. Keeping your lips protected from the sun is essential if you want to slow down the appearance of wrinkles around your lips and mouth. Plus, protection from the sun is just a smart move for your whole body – inside and out.

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