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Beauty Rules - true or not ?

Have you ever wondered what the real truth is behind some of those wild beauty myths that have been around for decades? Like the ones your grandma always used to tell you: stop frowning, you’ll get wrinkles or don’t cross your legs, you’ll end up with spider veins. So many of these sayings have been around for so long, it’s really tough to know if there’s any truth behind them or not. Not sure what’s real and what’s simply a saying passed on for generations? Keep reading as we take a look: myth vs. fact, decoding the beauty rules.

Myth: Crossing your legs will give you varicose veins.
Turns out this one is total myth. Most people who have pronounced varicose veins are genetically predisposed to them or they do the opposite of crossing their legs – they stand all day. Believe it or not, standing makes your whole vascular system work even harder to pump blood through your veins all the way to your heart and varicose veins are a result of this system not working at 100% peak performance.
Myth: Frowning causes wrinkles
Believe it or not, this one is actually partially true. If you spend the majority of your life frowning, there is a pretty good chance you may end up with a few frown lines, however there are a whole heap of other factors that contribute to wrinkles. Aging being the number one contributor to wrinkles is part of the natural course of life. Over time, skin begins to lose its elasticity and its ability to quickly bounce back. Other contributors to wrinkles include sun damage and smoking. Frowning (and smiling!) are both contributors but definitely not the main cause.
Myth: Hair can clean itself
This one is certainly a hot topic, as many of us would love to skip out on our daily shampoo, conditioner and blow-drying regimen that takes up so much time – wouldn’t it be wonderful if your hair actually could clean itself? Turns out, this one is true. In order to make this happen, you have to retire your locks from their dependence on shampoo – and, that can be a process. Your hair actually has loads of natural oils, which are stripped by using shampoo and conditioner. When those natural oils are restored, your hair actually can maintain its natural beauty by simply rinsing it with warm water. The natural oils will resist buildup of dirt and you’ll have shiny, gorgeous hair.
Myth: You can get rid of cellulite
Sadly, while it is possible to exfoliate and moisturize, as well as tone and exercise, in order to reduce the appearance of cellulite, there’s no way to completely get rid of it. And it has nothing to do with weight – this lumpy, dimpled flesh is caused by subcutaneous fat deposits visible on the exterior. The best you can hope for is a reduced appearance.
Myth: Drinking water prevents skin dehydration
Unfortunately, water can do many great things but keeping dry skin moisturized isn’t one of them. Oil is what will keep your skin moisturized. Using non-acnegenic  oils will keep your skin moist and supple, looking younger, and healthier. Don’t attempt to continually  splash water on your face because it will actually cause skin to dry out even more. Make sure your facial moisturizer is doing what it says it will. If it isn’t working for you, talk to a dermatologist to rule out any medical conditions and to find a better solution.
Myth: Brushing hair 100 times a day will make it shiny
This is completely false. As a matter of fact, over-brushing your hair can cause it to break. Brushing it a few times will help distribute natural scalp oils throughout your hair, but don’t overdo it. Be as gentle as you can in order to not cause damage.
Myth: Shaving will cause your hair to grow out thicker
Completely untrue. Because shaving cuts hair at the base, where it is thickest, it will grow from that point making it appear thicker. But it will not change the texture or thickness of your hair. It will only remove the thin protuberance. Feel free to shave – just make sure to moisturize afterwards. Or, if you prefer to skip the shave and try something else, waxing or hair removal creams will give you a longer lasting effect.
What beauty myths have you debunked?

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