Samstag, 4. Juli 2015

Outfit Inspiration: White Pants

Summer is the perfect time for all things white which is why there is no better time to bust out your white pants than now. Some women are overwhelmed by white pants. They fear that it might get dirty throughout the day or, worse, it might make their legs look not so slim and slender. The latter is because of the common belief that dark colors help make you look slimmer while lighter colors do the opposite. However, white pants can actually be very figure flattering. Here are some tips o n how to wear white pants with slimming results.

TRY FLARED JEANS – if you’re top heavy, a pair of white flared jeans might just be what you need to balance out your figure and look a little more slender and slim. The flared out part of the jeans will help give you a more proportional silhouette while the color white gives your overall outfit cleaner lines and a more streamlined form.

SKINNY STYLE – skinny jeans are called so for a reason and that is because they’re great at making your legs look slimmer. Because of the way they fit, skinny jeans can make your legs look instantly slim – perfect for when you don’t really feel like your best self but still want to look super chic and hot. Pair it up with a figure flattering top and you’re good and ready to make heads turn.

MAKE THAT NUDE HEELS – the nude heels trick has been tried and tested to make you look taller but did you know that aside from that, this styling trick also makes you look slimmer? This is especially true when you wear it with white pants. Make sure to choose a pair of nude heels that come close to the color of your natural skin tone to get optimum results.

ALL WHITE – for a truly sophisticated outfit that’s both slimming and flattering while also being perfect for summer, go all out and do an all white look. A cute white top paired up with crisp white pants will not only make you look gorgeous but slimmer as well. Not to mention, the look is totally on trend right now.

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  1. The white jeans are amazing ! I love the styles for summer but you can wear them always :)

  2. I love skinny jeans where would we be without them?