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Pump up your hair

If you finding yourself struggling with lack of volume in your hair – first of all – you aren’t alone. There’s a whole world out there of ladies who have fine or thin hair and finding the volume they want (in spite of humid summer weather) is a real challenge. From curls that lose their luster to an all-around flat look, finding a way to add a little volume can feel like winning the hair styling lottery! Ready to learn a thing or two? Here’s a roundup of great tricks and tips to give flat hair a boost of volume.

Hot rollers are your best friend. One of the best solutions for providing volume to already dry hair, hot rollers often take backstage when curling irons are around. But, hot rollers are great! Throw in some hot rollers to your already dry hair and finish putting on your makeup and getting ready. When you pop the rollers out, you’ll have instant volume. What could be easier?
Teasing – or better phrased as “back brushing” can offer immediate satisfaction in the volume department. There’s no need to go wild with this one, but a small amount of back brushing on the under layers of hair can offer a great amount of lift for minimal effort. Add a quick spritz of hairspray, like thos one with volumizer from Fixx, to hold it all in place and you’re good to go.
Get to the root of the problem. Often, a boosting spray or a bit of hair spray at the roots can provide long-lasting, but subtle lift – and, enough to last all day. Try blow drying locks upside down to give your hair even more of a root lift.
Give dry shampoo a try.  Dry shampoo is the best solution for those days when you just don’t have time to wash and style your hair, but it moonlights as a volumizer. Even if your hair is totally clean, using a light spray of dry shampoo at the roots and in the under layers of hair will give you immediate satisfaction with some pretty awesome lift.
Change your part. This sounds so easy – and it is! For an instant lift and a bit of a change, switching your natural part to the opposite side will help provide an immediate lift of the locks. If you take it one step farther and go for a deep part toward one side of the crown of your head – you’re in luck – on the spot volume and a cool new look.
Do you struggle with flat hair, especially during the humid weather of summer? What tricks do you have to add a little volume?

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