Sonntag, 19. Juli 2015

A Capricorn - so true !

You Love Work- Your friends call you a workaholic, but truly you just place your work high on your priority list. Nothing wrong with that! You work hard!

You Love Money- You work hard to—well, reap the benefits. Capricorns tend to be materialistic, but for the most part, you take care of your finances. You think about being safe for the future.

You’re Practical- Like I said, you think about your future and your safety. You aren’t a big risk taker and you like your familiar routine. This sort of pragmatic planning is kind of your thing.

You’re Loyal- Despite being a recluse at times, you’re loyal to the people you trust and love the most. Your friends know this about you and they know they can always count on you, Capricorn.

You’re Organized- Your friends and family consider you organized and responsible. You’ve always been the most “adult” out of your friends. You’re good at taking care of your life and the direction of it. People rely on your responsible nature.

You Don’t Mind Letting People Have The Attention- Once again, you’re an introvert! You don’t need people applauding you all the time. Your friends can have a moment in the spotlight while you stand somewhere nearby. It’s all good to you.

You Can’t Stand A Lie- You know when people are lying to you and you can sense a false attitude from a mile away. You’re already wary of new people. On top of that, you have a keen eye for detail, so you’re really good a spotting out a lie.

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