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Tips for Packing de Light

No matter what, when you travel, packing light is a real bonus. Even though it feels great to have lots of outfit options, lugging around a heavy suitcase or loads of bags can really drag you down. You are  thinking about what to pack. Turns out it really pays to keep it simple. Not sure how? Here are a few tips for packing light and smart, especially when you’re traveling for business.

Limit yourself to one bag. No matter how much you want to pack up every suitcase you have, fight the urge and limit yourself to a single bag. Having the one bag limit will help you pair down to only the essentials that can be mixed, matched and used more than once. Carrying one piece of luggage leaves your arms free for your carry on, computer bag or even a cup of coffee – making travel so much easier.
Pack staple items that can be mixed and matched.  

Convention, you probably want to look professional and feel your best.  Going for items like a neutral suit that can be switched out to be worn with different shirts, a light sweater and the matching jacket or skirt on rotation will make packing light pretty easy. When it comes to eveningwear – find items that can be paired with these same pieces – sleeveless of flowing tops, a pair of heels and jewelry to really dress it up. Lay everything out for the week, and each event, so that you have outfits planned ahead of time.

Skip the laptop and carry an iPad or tablet. We’ll spend most of each day in presentations, breakouts and conferences, right? So why lug that heavy laptop around? Pack light by toting your iPad or tablet to make your load that much lighter and more manageable.

When packing toiletries, opt to use what the hotel provides and go light on bringing your own. Most hotels have lovely toiletries and will even provide a toothbrush and toothpaste when you’re in a jam. Rather than loading up on bulky shampoos and conditioners, pack only the essentials and use what the hotel provides.

Make a list. Packing can be a real challenge, especially when you’re trying to keep it light. Making a checklist will help ensure you have everything you need and can work double-duty for helping you to scale back and figure out what you can leave behind and what’s absolutely essential.

Keep traveling
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