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Cheaper always better ?

Cheaper isn’t always better. Sometimes going the cheap route will cost you more in the long run. Take my advice, sometimes it’s better to splurge on the things that count to avoid having to replace them or get them fixed. You know the saying, “You get what you pay for.” Get it right the first time around and save yourself some cash. 

  1. Shoes – Most of us are on our feet all day and a cheaply made pair of shoes just isn’t going to cut it. Spend more to have a good, comfortable pair that will outlast its cheaper counterpart. The last thing you want to do is torture your feet with a badly made pair. You’ll only toss them and have to replace them for something better.
  2. Handbags – With handbags, you’re looking for good craftsmanship, sturdy hardware, and durable leather or vegan leather. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on a big designer name to get these long-lasting qualities. But you do have to pay more for quality, most of the time. Spending a little more on a handbag will ensure it survives the wear and tear from lugging it through work, happy hours, shopping, nights out, weekend trips, and kids. It’ll pay itself off.
  3. Shapewear – We all need a little help with this — what you wear underneath your clothes is just as important as what’s on the outside. Without proper shapewear (shorts, bras, bodysuit, etc.), your outfit will lack the smooth lines it needs to fit properly. Don’t splurge on a beautiful dress only to skimp on the proper shapewear to make it look flawless.
  4. Skincare – What you put on your face every morning and night should be made from the best ingredients. Don’t skimp on skincare that will irritate your skin and cost you more in the long run. Find a solution that you’ll wear every day and make sure it’s something you feel good in, whether under makeup or fresh-faced.
  5. Hair Treatments – A bargain haircut may seem like a good idea at the time but you’ll most likely end up having to pay more money to fix the mistakes someone else makes. Same goes for hair color. If you treat your hair to any processing, make sure it’s not going to cost you in split ends and frayed locks.
  6. Earrings – A good pair of stud earrings is something you’ll wear day in and day out. A classic pair will last you a long time and outlast all kinds of trends. Spend a little money on something that won’t tarnish or break easily. You’ll find yourself living in these
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