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Swim Suit For Your Body Type

Summer, in so many ways, is the best time of the year. Beach days and bbq’s, boating and long days with friends are all things we can look forward to. But finding a swim suit that is both flattering and stylish is not easy feat. From not feeling totally comfortable to wearing a suit that simply doesn’t fit well, securing the perfect suit for your body type this summer is absolutely essential! Take a look at these tips for putting the fun back into summer with a swimsuit you can feel good about. 

  • If a big bust  prevents you from finding the swimsuit of your dreams, keep this in mind: halter tops and racer backs are your best friends. They offer lift and coverage without giving you too much coverage. If you are top-heavy, wear prints on your smallest body part of your body to draw visual attention away from where you are bigger and wear sold colors where you are bigger.
  • For anyone out there who’s blessed with a bigger bottom, find suits that bring the eyes up and take attention away from your problem area. Choose suits with a nice balance which may mean less coverage up top or by going with a brighter, more busy top.
  • If you’re more of a full-figured gal, go ahead and show off your favorite assets with a plunging neckline. Go modest on other areas with a one-piece suit that hugs your frame and complements your shape. A bold print and ruching can help draw attention away from problem areas. But dark solids are also very slimming.
  • If you’re petite, you own it to yourself to go bold. Choose a bright color suit that helps your small frame stand out. Look for solid, sophisticated colors like deep reds or vibrant blues.
  • If you’re round in the middle, there’s a whole selection of slimming suit options out there for you. Try camouflaging your belly with bold bright prints or one piece suits with perfectly placed ruching to disguise your middle. This also works well when you are expecting.
  • For those of you who are tall, thin and boy-shaped, choose swimsuits that accentuate your body. Go for angled stripes, soft colors and prints to show off your slim figure. xo

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