Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014


This season you can’t go wrong with a black and white monochromatic look, it’s minimalistic and super easy to throw together! Take stock of the classic black and white separates you have in your closet and recreate these inspiration outfits. Here are my favorite ways to wear black and white with a little help of Pinterest.

One of the chicest pieces that every woman should own is a perfectly fitted pair of black  or white skinny jeans. They’re both casual and dressy. When you need to step it up a notch, throw on your favorite black skinny jeans with a blouse and blazer and you’re all set! Play with this versatile garment for a variety of styles including suit inspired, casual bohemian with a flowing top or totally preppy with a sweater!

Feel pretty as a princess. This color palette is simply divine for full-skirted looks. Take inspiration from classic ballerinas and slip into a tulle skirt. This trend is one to try this season! Try pairing a full tutu skirt and a striped crop top for a modern-urban take on this girlish look (very Carrie from SATC). Perhaps you’re looking to more casual look – go for a modest sweater and tights duo.

What’s your favorite way to wear this classic palette? xo

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